Names and Children

When I first started writing Shattered Dreams, I simply sat down at my computer and started putting words down on the page.  After getting several chapters into it, I realized that this was not going to be like my previous attempts in that I wasn’t going to just quit after a few days.  So, I needed a name for my new endeavor.  After talking to my husband about it, he came up with the name “Gemini Moon” which seemed fitting at the time since it was about twin shapeshifters.

However, as is often the case, once the words kept going, the name didn’t quite fit the story any longer.  By the end of the first book, it was obvious that there were going to be some unresolved issues that would demand a second book.  So now my work was going to evolve from a single manuscript to a second.   Since the second one was going to pick up with the life of the other twin, the name Gemini Moon still kind of fit so I decided to go with that for the name of the series.  It wasn’t long after beginning number two that it was obvious that a third and even a fourth was going to be needed as well that wouldn’t focus solely on the twins and that meant the name, Gemini Moon, no longer relevant.  The tentative name of the series is now Luna’s Children because one common theme that will run through the series is the gifts and abilities that specific characters have as endowed to them by their protector.  Perhaps this one will stick?

So far everything seems to be going well with the series and I’m sticking to Luna’s Children” as the series name with book one being called Shattered Dreams and book two is being called Broken Melody.

Luna’s Children has another significance to me as well.  This endeavor has become much like a child for me as well.  I spend time daily fussing over and nurturing my creations.  I know the characters as well as I know my own family – their tempers, attitudes and nuances have become a second nature for me.  Since my husband has been with me every step of the way, they are also his children as well.  He has been right beside me and helped me in more ways than I can ever imagine.  I may have “given birth” to them, but he has definitely been a major influence in shaping them.  Whereas I am Mother, he is Father and I know that I couldn’t do this without him.

As is normal for any child, there are temper tantrums and moments of pure pig-pigheadedness when nothing seems to go right.  Sometimes I feel that my “children” sulk and hide from me and it becomes so frustrating.  I can, on occasion, coax them back out but many times I have to leave them alone until they come out on their own.  During those times I often read a book or watch a television show.  That has become more and more difficult as time goes on because I’m so impatient to get finished and get onto the next one.  By my reckoning, there’s going to be four or five books in the Luna’s Children series.

Saturday morning, I woke up early with an idea for a completely new book that has nothing to do with Luna’s Children.  As I lay in the bed at seven a.m. and thought about this new idea, the urge to put it down on paper before I lost it consumed me and so I did it.

This brings me to the problem I’m currently experiencing.  I’m still trucking along on Melody, but this new ‘child’ is being very demanding that I spend some time developing it.  Being a mother to a single child, I’ve never had to deal with sibling rivalry other than with my own brothers and sister, so what do I do now?  Do I stop work on Melody or wait till the end before picking up the new one (tentatively named Fosterling)?  Do I finish Melody completely?  Do I finish the series?  I don’t want my new child to be ignored but as most parents of multiples discover, you just don’t have the time to devote to just at a time.  Management is key.

Fosterling was on my mind all night last night and has become a demanding little bugger, clamoring for my attention.  I think I’m going to have to take it on next, right after I finish Melody or I’ll never get any peace.

That’s the plan for now.  We’ll see how it pans out.

Editing Dreams

Today I received chapter 11 from Jerry, my editor.   That is officially the half way point now.  I haven’t told him how much I appreciate his help for being my grammar police, so THANK YOU JERRY!

As for Melody, its trucking along as well.  I’m working on chapter 10 and about half way there.  With a little luck, by the time Jerry is done with Dreams, Melody will be ready for him and then I can start the submission circus.

Head Meet Keyboard


It’s called Frustrated Writer’s Syndrome.

While that particular picture is not me, per se, it is a fair representation of how I feel some days.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I love writing and as I said in a previous post, I have always held some deep seated desire to write.  However, when F.W.S. hits me, I wonder if perhaps I have also some kind of masochistic seed growing inside as well.  “Writing” is fun.  I enjoy it.  I love coming up with new ideas and spend a lot of time bouncing said new ideas off my poor husband, Robert.  He can often take my idea and expand it making it fit more logically.  I don’t know what I would do without his help.  I also love going back over my text and tweaking it.  Expanding an idea until it becomes a better fit to the whole puzzle of the story line is probably my favorite portion of the whole “writing” process.

You may ask yourself what is the least favorite then?  I’m glad you asked.  The part that I don’t like the most is the actual process of putting my thoughts down in words.  It’s not because I’m lazy about it, but rather that they move so fast that I have a hard time keeping up and that makes me frustrated.  I’ve thought about maybe getting one of those talk to write programs for my computer but I’m being stubborn about it.  They are my thoughts!  Surely I can control them!!

Ha!  The little devils have a mind of their own and are in cahoots with my computer.

Anyway, back on subject.

Frustrated Writer Syndrome is a real thing and I get it in buckets.  I can have a whole particular chapter all planned out exactly how I want to write it, sit down at my laptop and freeze.  It’s like the screen has sucked my brilliant ideas right out of my noggin.  I can almost see them drawn into the little beast and a tongue being stuck out.  “Neener Neener!”

Face meet keyboard.  ARGH!!

Sometimes I can just get up and walk away.  If I don’t let it know I’m upset, perhaps it will relax its grip on my creativity and I can get started.  If I can get started, maybe I can get finished!    Sounds like a grand plan.   However, like most truly inspirational ideas, there lacks a certain amount of follow through and commitment.  Instead I sit there staring at the empty page feeling my frustration grow like fungus on that forgotten piece of bread in the back of the cupboard.

One time, I actually managed to get up and walk away, thumbing my nose at that white blank screen.  I have other important things to do.  Things that won’t leave the imprint of my keyboard embedded in my forehead.  Ha!  How do you like that?

My little jaunt away ended in a three week sabbatical away during the middle of Shattered Dreams.  I just couldn’t face getting back to writing when I had no grand ideas to put down.  Finally,  I admitted my mistake and apologized to the empty paper and in reward, my stopped up imagination finally let loose.  I was writing again!

So that leaves me here now, procrastinating, as that blank page is again staring me down.  It knows it has my bluff and I’ll soon give in, put on my earphones, get lost in the sounds of  nature and begin begging for it to release my imagination

If I can get things rolling again and my thoughts become unclogged, I’ll throw them all down and sort everything out later.  And after all, that is my favorite part.

Then again, I haven’t hit the whole submission part yet.

Feeding the Monster

Every time I open this blog and see that line “Paranormal Romance Author”, I want to laugh at myself.  I’ve not published the first thing, but already I’m calling myself an author.  What nerve right?

What I didn’t know was that the desire to be a writer would incubate in my brain until it hatched into a tiny little monster.  A monster that would stubbornly refuse to die, no matter how much I ignored it or refused to feed it.

I put that line about being an author there to remind myself that’s my goal.  I want to be a writer.  I want to share my ideas and thoughts with others.  Whew, that’s a pretty daunting task.  I  have to ask myself though, are you ready to do that?  Do you have the imagination, vocabulary and the love to do it?  Most of all, do you have the drive to put yourself out there and pursue it? Is your monster hungry enough?

My mother is one of my biggest fans and always has been.  She supported me my whole life no matter what I attempted.  Want to go to college?  Check.  How about opening a new business?  Check Check.  (Done it twice, failed both times.  Don’t let anyone tell you that having a business isn’t hard.  Its excruciating!)  So, when I decided to finally have a go at writing, she was firmly in my corner. To this day she tells me I have a vivid imagination.  She was the first one to read my first book, Shattered Dreams, and the first thing she told me was, “You have such an imagination”.  She carefully fueled the fire and never chastised me for my silliness.  In my mind, I had a room full of ideas, thoughts and dreams – wild or not and not one time did my mother tell me to back down and get my head out of the clouds.  Thanks Mom,  seems first requirement is covered.  Mr. Monster, have a nibble.

From the time I picked up my first book, (Run, Spot, Run.  See Spot Run!), I have been fascinated with the written word.  I read everything I could find – signs, cereal boxes, papers and books.  When I came across an unfamiliar word, it wasn’t enough to just ignore it or guess what it meant and move on.  I would come to a screeching halt while I dung through a dictionary to find the meaning (this was long before internet – we had to look words up in books – gasp!).  The hero was just about to sweep the heroine off her feet?  Sorry, Bub, you gotta wait – I need to find out exactly what you mean when you say, “My Lady, you have a propensity for danger!”

Word has been found, understood and owned!

Each new word was tucked neatly into my overfull brain right next to the imagination room with the solemn vow I would use each one of those little beauties one day.  Granted, there comes a time when you realize that though the words are still up there, they have a few cobwebs and have gotten rather stubbornly comfortable.  It sometimes takes a gargantuan (see, there’s another!) amount of effort to pull them from their homey little corners, but that’s part of the fun.  Why say it only one way, when there’s a dozen others waiting their turn?

When I say that I read books, I mean with a voracious appetite.  Discovering the school library in the third grade still rates as one of my favorite days.  I can still remember the day I walked in the room and saw books from floor to ceiling on all 3 walls.  I was in Nirvana!  My elementary school was in a small town in rural Mississippi, so the offerings were limited, but it didn’t take long for me to find the fantasy and fairy tale section.  My first book?  1001 Arabian Nights.  I got to take it home and consumed it well within the two weeks I was given.  It didn’t take long to go through most of the fiction and a healthy portion of non-fiction.  The school librarian knew me on sight and often helped me in my quest to inhale as much as I could.  She often would discuss my selections with me and never talked down to me.   Those discussions sparked my aforementioned imagination and boosted my love of words.

Books became my comfort and Libraries were my favorite place to the point that I often wanted to go there before anywhere else.  Case in point – summer vacations with my father’s sister.  Every summer for several years, I got to go visit my aunt and her family for a week or two.  Every year that meant I got to explore a new library.  The first year was Nancy Drew.  The second, The Hardy Boys.  Every page fueled the love I had for books in all their fascinating forms.  Thank you Aunt G.  You helped to feed the monster too.

It seems I have the imagination, vocabulary and love, but what about the drive?

That’s a really tough one to answer.

As I said, books were my comfort when I was growing up.  I spent more time reading than anything else.  At different times in my young life, I tried basketball, softball and band (bet you saw that one coming, didn’t you).  Go, participate and get home to the latest jewel that waited to be devoured – that became my mantra.  I read on the bus.  I read between classes.  It was more unusual to find me without a book than to find me with one.  I loved how the authors painted vivid pictures in my mind.  I wrapped myself in the story and lived it.  To me, the ability to do that was something bordering magic and I was in awe!

When high school became college, I went to pursue a career in computers.  It was during college I started to write my first book.  At the time, my favorite genre was fantasy so, of course, my infantile attempt was focused on that.   I was going to become the next J.R.R. Tolkien – epic fantasy here I come!

I would write for a bit, then go back and make drastic changes.  Write more, go back and make more changes.  My first chapter was rewritten at least 20 times.  I just couldn’t help myself – it had to be absolutely perfect. Then the unthinkable happened.

I got into about 50 document pages (around15,000 words)  and lost the entire thing to a computer glitch.

At first I was upset, but then I got to thinking about it.  To be totally truthful, I really didn’t like what I had written, even with the constant rewrites.  It was too much like other books I had read over my lifetime. I could even pick out the pieces and know exactly which book it closely resembled.  I had created a Frankenstein monster of mismatched favorite stories from a dozen different authors.  It was someone else’s creature and not mine.  Once again I chastised myself, who was I to think I had any chance to aspire to be A Writer?

Since then, I have attempted to write at least 3 other books, and always gave up less than half way through.  They weren’t original enough.  They were sloppy.  They were a thousand reasons why I should give up.  I put it out of my mind.  Aspiring to be an author was just a silly pipe dream and I gave it up with my last attempt more than 10 years ago.

About 8 or so years ago, I planned a trip to Disneyworld with my family.  Being the somewhat anal retentive person I am about vacations (I’ll leave the reasons to another time), I diligently researched through the internet and happened upon a forum that specialized in all things Disney.  While digging through the forums, I came across something called “Trip Reports”, and in particular those written by a woman named Delswife – aka Robin, aka Wobin.  I loved her writing.  As she shared her family trip with me, I could imagine it all happening right there in my mind.

It didn’t take long before that monster again started kicking at the door to my imagination.  First up, I tried my hand at a trip report on our vacation to DisneyWorld and let me tell you, when I pushed that post button, I thought I was going to hyperventilate.  Amazingly enough, I didn’t fall over and die, twitching in aching embarrassment.  Though I cringed every time I got an email that a new a comment was posted, I gained a little more confidence.  (For my moose friends – thank you for also feeding the monster.  Wobin, I miss you more now than ever  – you’ve done to encourage me than you will ever know.  LYMI.)

A couple of years later, I founded a little literary forum and with the help of several of my internet friends, we put together a couple of pretty intense stories using the process of cooperative posting.  It was fun and entertaining and I loved it!  Every day for over a year, I would read with barely contain enthusiasm the others postings and add my own.  When interest waned, I sadly left it behind and carefully put the monster back in its cage a little older, a little stronger and a little more mature.  (My internet friends, thank you for contributing to help me with my aspirations.  Mr. Monster, have another bite.  Chomp!)

Fast forward to this year.  I had an idea for a book and on June 2, sat down at my computer and just started to write.  First thing I did was to make sure I backed it up.  Second thing was to forbid myself from going back and rewriting.  I was going to just plow through it and lay down the story first, then go back and flesh things out.  Somehow I managed to keep true to myself and though I bugged my poor husband a million times bouncing ideas off him, I managed to complete it.


The thrill of completing it was exhilarating and even as I finished my first 3 runs through the manuscript, I already had the next two books of my little world floating around in my mind.  Monsters are prolific it seems and mine was lonely.

On July 30, I put the last words on my first official book and realized something.  I may not be published, I may never be published, but I was finally a writer.  Perhaps only my mother, my assorted friends around the world (thanks to the internet) and my family will be the only ones to read it, but just perhaps it will someday be published and I will go from being a writer to being A Writer.

Either way, I found my drive to pursue what I have always wanted.  It’s a little imagination, a few well chosen words, a love for written words and a whole lot of encouragement from my friends but more importantly, my family.   Every one of you have had a part in nurturing this monster called writing.  If I make it it’ll be because of you.  I would never be here without you.

Now, If you would please excuse me – I hear roaring.

I think someone’s  hungry.


I’ve gotten chapters five through seven of Shattered Dreams back from my editor.  Only another eighteen chapters to go!

Broken Melody is coming along well.  I’ve finished seven chapters and have really enjoyed seeing where Cayson and Zandria’s story is going.