It’s been just at a week since publication of Shattered Dreams, and I have some lovely reviews at Amazon:


(4/5 stars)  This is a very good read. The characters are very believable. The writer puts you into the story. You can see the place they live and can see the characters. The story line flows in a way that it captures your imagination and you can feel their emotions. I don’t normally read paranormal books but this one will captivate you and take you to their world.


(5/5 stars)  I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the first page to the last. It is written imaginatively, thoughtfully and well. The characters are believable; there is a realistic amount of humour, warmth and intrigue. For years I’ve been reading this Genre, been avaricious in my pursuit of serials as opposed to one-offs and I truly believe this is the beginning of something special. I would highly recommend this Author and look forward to the next instalment.

In addition, I was mentioned in a scifi blog,

Something to Read: Shattered Dreams

By Jerry, on September 27th, 2013

I want to mention a new book by a new author, Shattered Dreams, book one in the Luna’s Children series, by Melissa Kay Clarke. I admit I sometimes read romantic/action/adventure fantasy (particularly ones with a Steampunk sensibility, or Dragons and other supernatural creatures), and I quite enjoyed this one. In the interest of Full Disclosure I have to admit that in part this was because I got to be one of the Beta Readers and give my feedback, and then see what changed because of the input. But I genuinely enjoyed the story, liked several of the characters, and found the concepts behind the culture quite intriguing. I am looking forward to checking out the next book in the series, because this is off to quite a promising start.


To say I’m excited is putting it mildly.   I’m so tickled!   Thank you all for the very kind words!!!Image

Happy Day!


This week has been full of excitement for me.  On Saturday, I published my first book, Shattered Dreams on Kindle, B&N and Smashwords.   Publishing was quickly followed by sales as my wonderful friends and family snatched up copies of it as soon as it became available.  So far, everyone that has purchased the book, has loved it.  There are no words to express the pleasure at knowing people actually like what i had written.

As soon as I finished Shattered Dreams, I started on book 2, Broken Melody.  It’s the story of Cayson and Alexandria (Zandria) and the almost impossible odds they have to over come to be together.  It has been a hard book to write but I’m really quite happy with it.  It’s now in the hands of my beta readers and grammar editor!

Following is an except from Broken Melody:  I hope you enjoy!

~~~~~~~~~~~EXCERPT FROM BROKEN MELODY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A single beam of sunlight fell across her face, pulling her out of the grasp of sleep.  Blinking, she started to stretch but stopped when she realized there was something warm pressed up against her back.  She grinned and finished before turning over.

“Good morning, love.”

Cayson’s gorgeous face was just a couple of inches from hers.  With big beautiful green eyes that never failed to make her catch her breath, he captured her chin in his strong fingers and gently stroked her bottom lip. “So beautiful,” he murmured softly and every nerve in her body jingled at his words.  Leaning in, he pressed his lips to hers and kissed her tenderly, running his lip along the seam until hers parted slowly.  The kiss deepened, causing an ache in her belly that screamed for more.  When he finally pulled away, she panted from the intensity.  His eyes never left her face, drinking in her features like a starving man presented with a feast.  Her toes curled in happiness.  He pulled her back to him and held her close; her face pressed to his chest, her lips hovered above his mark – their mark.  It was so overwhelming she didn’t know if she could continue to breath being so close to him.

“How about some breakfast,” she whispered softly, her breath caressing his skin.

He groaned and tightened his arms around her.  “I have all I need right here.”  He kissed her head and nuzzled the blond tresses.  “It feels like a dream.”

She blinked.  “I.. I didn’t have any nightmares last night.”  She raised her head and looked at him.  “For the first time in I don’t know how long, there were no nightmares.”

“Let that be a lesson to you.  You belong with me and I’ll always keep the nightmares away.”  He chuckled and she felt the pleasured rumble in his chest.  Both he and his wolf were satisfied at the moment.  She didn’t know why they were, but for some crazy reason, his wolf didn’t seem to mind that she didn’t have one of her own.  Maybe it was time to let someone else deal with the nightmares.  She sighed happily and laid her head back on his chest.  In his arms she could almost forget.  Almost.

Lets Celebrate!


Well the day has come!   After all that blood, sweat and tears, I have finally sent my newborn baby out into the big world.

I had a long hard think on how I was going to publish.  Do I go with traditional methods or go for it myself?  After reading a lot of information, I took the self publish route.  Traditional publishing takes a lot of time, is not guaranteed and even if its purchased, it may never see print.  Self publishing means it will be published in ebook form, is up and available in little time and is in a format that most of the world prefers now.  Of course with self publishing I also have to take care of my own publicity.  That is a really big deal.

It takes a lot of work to get a book ready for publishing.  Every website requires its own format and while they are similar, they are not the same.  Because of this, it has taken me a full day to get Dreams up on 3 websites, Nook, Amazon and Smashbooks.  I checked on iTunes but that is a whole different experience.  Since Smashbooks has the correct format for it, I’ll just see how that goes first.

It has been quite a ride, getting to this point, but I’m happy to be here.  I had set up certain goals for myself and I’m rather proud that I have made it through a few of them.  Write a full manuscript – check.  Get it published – check.  Sell it to someone who I don’t know – check.

My wonderful friend, Elienne, who lives in the UK, was the first one to purchase my book.  She literally sat there refreshing the screen until it showed up then purchased it.  How amazing is that?  I have, however, sold 2 copies in the UK so that means someone I don’t know got the second.   Since then, another 7 have been sold in the US so I have a grand total of 9 sales as of now.  Considering its been out just about 24 hours, I’m really excited!

Next on my list is to get Broken Melody ready for editing.  It’s through the first rundown (rough draft) and now working on the second.  Once it gets through first rough edit by me, it’ll be sent out to my beta readers, then back to my editor.  I’m targeting the end of December or first of January for publication date.

Shattered Dreams at

Shattered Dreams at

Here it is!  After months and months, Shattered Dreams is finally available for purchase at  I’m in the process of getting it up on that will allow it to be purchased on several other ebook sites including itunes.  Thank you all for your support – I truly could not have done this without your help.

Now, time to get in gear and finish Broken Melody!

Another Hurdle!

I’m so very pleased to say that Shattered Dreams is now edited!   Thank you Jerry S!

This marks a milestone for me in that I finally have a manuscript ready to submit.  Now the question is, do I self publish or try for traditional publishing.  I’ve read a lovely article written by one of my favorite writers about the pros and cons of each direction.  With more than 20 books under her belt, published each way, she definitely knows what she’s talking about.  I thought I would rather go the traditional route, but after reading this I am leaning more towards self publishing.   Time to do some thinking.. and of course, I’m consulting the husband who always steers me right.

Stay tuned!