Another Hurdle!

I’m so very pleased to say that Shattered Dreams is now edited!   Thank you Jerry S!

This marks a milestone for me in that I finally have a manuscript ready to submit.  Now the question is, do I self publish or try for traditional publishing.  I’ve read a lovely article written by one of my favorite writers about the pros and cons of each direction.  With more than 20 books under her belt, published each way, she definitely knows what she’s talking about.  I thought I would rather go the traditional route, but after reading this I am leaning more towards self publishing.   Time to do some thinking.. and of course, I’m consulting the husband who always steers me right.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Another Hurdle!

  1. E M Harris says:

    Congratulations on your most recent Milestone! yay!
    Having thought a lot about which route to take myself, although not at your stage yet, I had considered both and, figured, that since self publishing actually doesn’t cost anything (money is a factor for me) then that could be the best for me. Having said that I have done very little in the way of research toward the more traditional route. Is there anything stopping you from self publishing THEN going the other way ? Can that be possible perhaps? Might be a thought just to see how it goes. If you are e-book publishing via Amazon Kindle then I for one will be buying Shattered Dreams the moment it is available.

  2. I read a wonderful article from one of my own favorite authors on traditional vs self publishing. I’ll send it to you. There’s pros and cons on both fronts.

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