Status and such stuff


It’s now been three weeks since I’ve published Shattered Dreams.  Since then I have watched a slow steady trickle of sales through and none through Barnes & Noble or Smashwords though there have been 28 sample downloads with Smashwords.  That has me thinking that I should try the Amazon  select option that will list my book with them exclusively for 3 months but also they will push and promote it some.  The jury is still out on that.  I have noticed that since putting up the new blurb, I’m had more sales.

I’ve been frantically working at putting together a free prequel for the series.  It’ll be a short story that explains how Sapphire Lake pack came to be.  Though set hundreds of years in the past and a stand alone piece, I’m planning on including a chapter of book 1 at the end.  I’m wanting to use this as a lure to  pull new readers into the series.

In addition, I’ve started on Book 3 (currently unnamed) that will center around Rachel and her mate.   I already know the plot for this one and I’m afraid some people may be a bit upset.  Yes,  not everyone is going to make it out of this one unscathed, but sacrifices are sometimes necessary.  Will your favorite characters survive?  We’ll see.

Broken Melody is still being edited and is on schedule for publication by the end of this year.  I had thought that it would be January, but it’s looking more like December.  I’m really anxious to see how it does as my beta readers have assured me that it is the better of the two books and their all around favorite.



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