The Strength Within

Book 3 of Luna’s Children will be tentatively called “The Strength Within”.  It will center mostly on Rachel and her Mate (not wanting to give away any spoilers from the first two books) and finding the strength to not only survive but to thrive amidst overwhelming adversity.  This book will be so much darker than the previous two and will see some extremely hard decisions made by our beloved Sapphire Lake Wolves.   When the world turns against you and you have to decide how to carry on when your life is in shambles, where do you find the strength?   It’s always there, within.


Excerpt from The Strength Within


“Oh Luna,” Carson whispered, her bottom lip quivering.  Cayson pushed more strength into her until she yanked her hand back.  “Stop it, Cay!”  Standing up she screamed at them.  “Stop it!  Stop humoring me.   My family has been torn apart.  She growled at them, her eyes flashing gold for a moment.  “We are pack leaders.  We have to do what is best for the pack.  My wallowing in self pity is not it.  People are hurt, homeless and scared.  Those are the people you should be working with Cay.  Not me.”  She dropped back to the sofa as her eyes melted from gold to deep emerald again.  “Not me,” she whispered again.  “Go help our people,” she mumbled dully then reached for Chase, clinging to him tightly.

Cayson stood.  “You sound just like Father,” he mumbled then motioned for Zandria.  “Chase, you are alpha here now.  Zan and I are extending our visit a few more days but I have to get back to my pack soon.  What do you want me to do?”

“Me?  Alpha?”  He laughed bitterly.  “I couldn’t keep my own family safe, how can I possibly keep a whole pack together?’

Cay stopped at the door and looked back at them.  “Find the strength within, Chase.  Then take it one day at a time.”