Blades of Scarlet

The rough draft of my newest book, Blades of Scarlet has been completed!

Scarlet is alone, fighting a battle that she neither wants nor understands, driven by a force that leaves its marks as names etched into her very skin. She has no choice, she must save these innocents in order to fulfill their destiny. A destiny that will one day change mankind for the better. Why was this onus thrust upon her? Who controls it and the mysterious marks that appear on her skin? All she has to go on is the rantings captured in an old journal and her own instincts. But, will that be enough?

Gage Williams is a Senior Detective for the police. There’s been some strange goings on in the city – rapists and murders found sliced and diced – their potential victims saved by an unknown vigilante. When the investigation points to a certain redhead that has captured his attention, can he look past the evidence and follow his heart?

Blades of Scarlet is story of duty and desires, love and redemption, good and evil. It’s about finding the balance between what you need and a world that needs you – even if you aren’t aware of it.

Coming thanksgiving, 2014!

One thought on “Blades of Scarlet

  1. John says:

    I can’t wait to read your next book. I have enjoyed the Luna Series so am sure this one will be good too. Can’t wait to get me hands on a this new book of yours.

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