Blades of Scarlet now available!

I’m proud to announce that my newest book, Blades of Scarlet is now available at Amazon!

“Why me?”

That would be Scarlet’s mantra. At 25 years old, she is already weary of her job – not as a bike courier but the other one, the dangerous one.

For seven years she has lurked in the shadows, protecting those who will one day make an impact on the world. Bound by duty, wrapped into a legacy that she neither requested nor desired. She leads a lonely existence doing a thankless job, saving people who will never know the sacrifices she has made for them. It’s a lonely life, but alone is all she can ever be.

Gage Williams, Senior Detective for the Boonton Police is quite happy with his life as it sits. He is passionate about his career and his life – everything is exactly how he wants. Why, then, did a chance meeting with a beautiful woman one afternoon feel like everything he has ever known is suddenly thrown to the wind?

Neither of them is prepared for where this will lead.

~~~ Excerpt ~~~
“Well, well, hello darlin’.” The rapist licked his lips and took a step forward. “Here I was thinking Susie Sweetstuff was the best I could get.” His eyes raked over the intruder’s body. “But I do believe you might be just a little bit sweeter.”

She stood her ground, watching him as he shifted the knife from one hand to the other. She grimaced when he slid one grimy hand down and grabbed himself. Pushing her long red hair back off her shoulders she shook her head. “That can’t be good for your confidence.” Her eyes flicked towards his groping hand.

He stopped, his eyes narrowing. “Are you trying to be funny?”

She chuckled. “From what I can tell, I think nature already did that.” She shook her head and propped one hand on her hip. “So how about you let the nice lady go and just head on out of here? You get to keep your life and I don’t have to go soak in disinfectant for a day.” Her eyes traveled over him again and she wrinkled her nose. “Make that two days.”

With a howl of rage, he lunged at her with the knife.

She waited until the very last moment, whipped out a blade of her own and in a blur of motion, sliced through the tendons on his hand making him drop the knife. She kicked it away and pulled a second one out, flicking it through her fingers in an almost haphazard manner. The twin weapons glittered in the faint light, the gemstones in the handles taking on a life of their own.

He snarled and wrapped his fingers around his injured wrist as blood dripped down between his fingers. His eyes narrowed to angry slits. “You are gonna die now.”

She huffed. “I just saved your life and you want to give me grief? You can leave now or else you don’t leave at all. The choice is yours.”

In response, he let his wrist go and pulled a smaller knife from a pocket.

She huffed with irritation. “I was afraid you were going to take the ‘or else’ route.”