Eight Days Gone

I’ve been very lapse in my blogging.  Good intentions don’t always follow though.  Having said that, I’m going to try to do better than once every few months.  Please don’t hold me to that.  Once again – good intentions…

It’s now been eight days since Joselyn was released. May I say, “WOW”?

When it debuted on the chart, it popped in at number 5 in kindle world romance.  It completely stunned me.  I sat here, staring at my computer, with my mouth open like a fish out of water.  I knew when I decided to write in Susan Stoker’s Kindle World, Special Forces: Operation Alpha, I would enjoy a bit of success just from some of her fans wanting to read from her universe.  But this was more than I could ever have hoped for.  I was overwhelmed.  I watched it drop to 11 and thought to myself, “Well that was fun.  I had a book on the best selling list for a few hours.”

Now, I sit here eight days later as Protecting Joselyn is once again sitting at number 5.  It has hovered there for the past week.  Once the reviews started coming in and posts on Facebook were written, Joselyn made a resurgance, topping out at number 4 several times.  It has dropped a few times over the course of the week but never any lower than 7.

Stunned has turned into overwhelmed.

Even before seeing what these number translate into as far as sales figures, it is already my best offer to date. I won’t know what those sales figures are until August 1.  Kindle Worlds is different than KDP.   It’s a drawback but KW has allowed me to reach a new fan base that I hadn’t before. I am grateful.

Now, I am off to work on the next book in this series, Saving Olivia.

Thank you for believing in me.  Thank you for taking a chance on my work.

Just – Thank You for being your awesome selves.


Protecting Joselyn is LIVE!

Hello everyone!  Protecting Joselyn went live this afternoon.  So far, it is being extremely well received.  So well, in fact, that it is currently sitting at #5 on Amazon Kindle Worlds Romance. This makes me an Amazon Best Selling Author!

This couldn’t be possible without your support.

I am so overwhelmed and externally grateful.  Thank you!BestSelling JOselyn

Protecting Joselyn


Coming June 20, 2017

Protecting Joselyn

After four years in WitSec hiding from a serial murderer and rapist nicknamed ‘The Gardener’, Joselyn Kendrik can breathe again. With his death, she finally picks up the pieces of her life and pursues her dreams. A year later, with her career as an author on the rise, she receives a sinister gift eerily familiar to those sent by The Gardener. The police are sure it must be a copycat but she isn’t as confident. Regardless his identity, she knows her stalker is closing in and she will not survive once he decides to strike.

Maddox “River” Benson is looking in the rear view mirror at a twenty-year career as a Navy SEAL. Contemplating an uncertain future, River jumps at the chance to assist an old friend in the New Orleans Police Department. An unknown stalker with nefarious plans has zeroed in on an innocent young woman. Though the police’s hands are tied, River isn’t as restricted.

Juggling Joselyn’s schedule as an upcoming author is a nightmare to River’s strategy for her security. The feisty woman struggles to balance her budding career with River’s need to keep her safe. Then there’s the growing attraction between them creating an entirely different set of problems. He has to keep his mind on guarding her body and not taking it for his own.

When her stalker becomes bolder, does one ex-SEAL have what it takes to ensure Joselyn’s survival?

This book is a part of Susan Stoker’s Kindle Worlds.  I’m so excited and honored to be allowed to participate in her universe!