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Two million people disappear into human trafficking every year. Olivia Parker would never have believed she could be one of them. Born to a barely functional prostitute mother and caring for her dependent brother, Olivia was determined to make their future better than their troubled past. Instead, she finds herself thrown into a nightmare from which she cannot awaken

Navy SEAL, Grayson “Bruiser” Titus, abandoned as a baby, creates a family with his SEAL team. But something is missing – could he find it with the intriguing beautiful sister of Jayden Parker? Meeting Olivia feels like looking at his future wrapped in a pair of deep hazel eyes.

Bruiser’s team would follow him into the pits of hell. It only stands to reason when Olivia disappears they rally around him. Being SEALs meant they often experienced the worse offerings of humanity, however this is personal. Saving her is a one-in-a-million long shot, but they will do whatever it takes to bring her home. The only question is: will it be in time to save both body and mind or will her new reality finally break her spirit?

*Warning – contains adult situations

*********** Excerpt***********
A little after five, Bruiser pulled out his telephone and noticed there were several missed calls. He had forgotten to turn the ringer back on after the hearing that morning. Connecting to his voice mail, he listened to the first one from Auntie Nat asking him if he had heard from Livy. He frowned and backed it up to catch the time stamp. It had been left hours ago.

Each of the subsequent messages sent off alarms and he sat up straight. At once, the rest of his team went silent, watching him as he posture took on one of alarm.

Bruiser, we can’t find Livy. She left work a little after noon today. I’ve tried to call her several times, but it goes to voice mail.
Please call me when you get this message.

Bruiser, it’s Natalie. Please call me as soon as you can.

Hello. Bruiser? Please call me. Livy is missing.

Bruiser, it’s important. We need you, please.

He looked up and saw his team tensed, watching him. Punching the buttons, he stood and started to pace.


“Nat, it’s Bruiser. I just got your messages.”

“Bruiser, thank God. Is Livy with you?”

Something in Bruiser’s stomach clenched. His voice hitched. “No, I haven’t seen her since last night.”

Auntie’s voice took on a tremble. “She should have been home hours ago. I asked her to stop at the market on her way, but she never came home. I called the market; they haven’t seen her either. Her boss said she left around noon today.”

“I’ll find her.” He tossed some money on the table and started toward the door. Without looking, he knew his team was right behind. “If you hear from her, call me immediately.”

“Bring her home, Bruiser, please.”

“I will, Auntie.”

He hung up and stopped at his SUV. The team gathered around him. “SitOp?” Cowboy asked succinctly.

Bruiser raked his head with his hand. “Olivia’s missing. She was last seen around noon today. She left me a message at 12:18 saying she was going to the store. Her aunt hasn’t heard from her all day and messages are going to voice mail.” He stabbed at his telephone and called her number again.

Hi! This is Livy’s voice mail.

He punched the button, swore under his breath and dialed again. Muttering, “Olivia, pick up… Pick up the phone,” he snarled as her voice mail answered again. Resisting the urge to throw his cell against the wall, he tried her number again. This time, after three rings, someone answered. He punched the speaker so the team could hear.


The voice wasn’t Olivia’s sweet tones. “Who is this?”

“It’s Margo. Who is this?”

“Margo, this is Bruiser, Olivia’s boyfriend. Is she there with you?”

“Hi, Bruiser. No, I just stepped out into the alley behind the shop on the way to my car after my shift when I heard her cell phone ring. It was under the trash can. The screen’s shattered.” Her voice stuttered. “Her…her purse is here too and one of her shoes.”

Bruiser swore. “Go back in the shop and call the police. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

When the call disconnected, he stared down at the phone in his hand.

Cowboy gripped his friend’s shoulder. “I’m sure she’s fine, Bruise. We’ll find her.”

The others voiced their agreement. First, they needed to get to the coffee shop and talk to the police. Afterward, they would start searching. They would find her because there was no other option. Olivia was a friend, a sister-in-arms and most importantly, she was Bruiser’s and that made her theirs as well. She was one of them, and SEALs never left SEALs behind.