Can’t Buy Me Love


No matter if you are born into notoriety or achieve it, being in the limelight isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Who can you trust and is the right one for you standing beside you? “Can’t Buy Me Love” is seven lovely stories centering around that very theme.

My contribution to the anthology is a novella called “Defending Demma.” It’s a part of my Team Cerberus Navy Seals series.

Demma St.John, young and rising starlet, landed the role of her career. Tapped to play the lead in a movie based on bestselling author Joselyn Chambers’ novel, it looked like she had everything going for her. She should be happy. Unfortunately, someone has found out her secret and is now blackmailing her. Terrified it will all come crashing down, she does the only thing she can do; she hires Starpower Inc. to keep her and her career safe.

Ryker “Digger” McMillan normally worked behind the scenes at the prominent agency representing some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Medically discharged from military service at twenty-six, he prefers to stay in the background, working his magic in the digital world. Tinsel town is a fickle world and none of the beautiful people wants to be seen with a horribly disfigured man. That is, until Demma St. John chose him.

When push turns to shove and faith turns to love, can Demma trust him enough to navigate the dangerous waters her past has produced or will this be her final curtain call?

“Can’t Buy Me Love” will be released on November 1, but it’s available for preorder now for only $0.99!!!

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