This is me.


Ok.  I admit, it really isn’t me but it adequately describes how I feel at the moment. Frazzled.

Yep, that’s a word.

In case you may not know, each November is NaNoWriMo or “National Novel Writing Month.” It’s when writers all over the U.S. get together and pledge to write a full length novel in 30 days.  In order to reach this goal, there are write-ins, encouragements from established authors, sprint contests and an assortment of helpful tools.   I have never participated but this year I wanted to try.  My novel of choice – Rescuing Annabeth – Team Cerberus  Book 2  (though in the reading order of the series, it is actually book 4).

Ya’ll!   Seriously what was I thinking?  I am not a “on schedule” kind of gal.  I write when the muse hits me.  That may be three weeks of nothing then two days of 10 hours each.  But, I said I was going to do this and away I went.  True to my nature, I had days I didn’t write anything, but staring at that bar hovering just under the point of “where you should be today” was killing me.  So, I did a lot of spurts and in the end, I got it finished.  TWO DAYS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!

Now, here it is, a week later and I’ve busted my hiney to get it done and out to the editor (Hi Janet!) and my Beta readers (Hey Hannah and Holly).  Next on the list – Artwork.

Now here is where the really frazzled part comes in.  I did the covers for both Protecting Joselyn and Saving Olivia.  They aren’t amazing, but I think I didn’t do too poorly on them.  However, I wanted to get a nice one for Annabeth so I contacted my go-to person for artwork, Najla Qamar.  (Ya’ll, if you haven’t seen her work, you are missing.  The woman is Ah-may-zing!)  Bad news – she’s booked solid until May.  Annabeth is scheduled to come out January 23.


So, that means its up to me to pull something together.   I spent hours going through stock photography and found nothing that called to me.  You see, Annabeth is a very particular kind of girl.  She’s a little curvy, a lot of sassy and is completely in love with her Navy SEAL.  He’s big, buff, protective with surfer dude kind of looks where she’s soft, freckled, redhead.  Nothing I saw came close to that.

Second round – ok, I think maybe I could photoshop the hair if I can find a curvy model that doesn’t look like she just got home from middle school.  (Annabeth is early 30s)  Please, no long Fabio hair for the man…

Third round – Come on.  Surely there are pictures that could possibly do that don’t involve kilts, swords, or regency clothing.

Fourth round – I’ve given up hope on finding a perfect picture.  Now, I’m ready to settle on “something that could possibly work if you squint your left eye and look at it very objectively or maybe with a couple of glasses of wine in you.”  With that in mind, I think I may have found something.


I am so not a graphic artist.  Seriously.

I’m going to fiddle around with this and see what I can come up with.  If it goes as good as the last few weeks, Annabeth’s cover may be a big black field with the words “Rescuing Annabeth” on the front.

Either way, look for a cover reveal in the next few weeks.  Rescuing Annabeth will be released on January 23 as a part of the mega release into Susan Stoker’s kindle world.

Until then..


Published by: Melissa Kay Clarke

Melissa was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and raised in a small rural town. She found a love of reading very early and quickly devoured everything she could. In the fourth grade she discovered a multitude of worlds when she received her first library card. Told repeatedly that she had a wonderful imagination, she turned to scribbling her musings and wrote her first novel while in college. It wasn't until after her fortieth birthday that she began to write in earnest. Her first book, Shattered Dreams, was self published and was soon followed by two sequels. Melissa now resides in Meridian, Mississippi with her supportive family - husband Robert and daughter Rebecca, two cats, and a precocious Chihuahua. When she isn't writing, she spends way too much time communicating with her online friends from around the world and feeding her ravenous appetite for the written word. Facebook: Twitter: Blog:

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