Old is New Again

A strange thing happened yesterday, one that has me scratching my head in puzzlement.  Sunday afternoon, I was piddling around and had the urge to check on sales rankings on my books.  I hadn’t checked in several days because they had been steadily falling over the last month and honestly, I sort of forgot about checking.

Around 2 p.m. I pulled up my stats and expected to see the trend to be downward. Imagine my shock to see not just one but four of my books were experiencing an upward trend. Out of them, Protecting Joselyn looked to be the biggest jump so I decided to investigate closer.

The last time I checked Joselyn, it was showing in the sixties as far as Kindle World Romance and somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000(ish) overall.  Yesterday it had taken a huge leap to 11 in Kindle World Romance and 767 overall.

Over the course of the next few hours, I continued to watch as she slowly crept up the ladder until around four this  morning, I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.  I took a screen shot and passed out.  At that time she had peaked at number 2 and had pushed her overall number to 349.

New Surge Comparison

As you can see from the above captures, she has surpassed her original new release.  She has also surpassed every release I’ve ever had.

This morning when I got up, she had slid back to 3rd.  I don’t know if she will go back up.  I don’t know if she will finally touch that number 1 spot.  If she does, ya’ll will probably hear it where you are.

I have no idea what spawned this surge but I know it wouldn’t have happened without my friends and readers.  So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Ya’ll did this – not me and I love you for giving me this.

Until next time – Stay safe and read on!


April Updates

Good morning, Crew!
April has hit and things are slipping into higher gear. Saturday is fast approaching for my meet and greet at Meridian Art Walk. The weather is being a bit surly but I’m planning on going as of right now. I do have a pavilion tent but if it’s a blowing rain, I won’t risk ruining my books. Stay tuned  as we continue to watch the weather updates.
The push to reach 500 Facebook likes is still going strong. Remember, invite your friends to like my page. Once we hit 500, I’ll be doing a random giveaway of a super mega prize pack containing all sorts of goodies including swag, autographed books you can’t buy anywhere and more!
In case you are wondering, and according to the influx of messages the last couple of weeks, many of you are, Cowboy’s story is coming along well. I’m almost at the halfway mark! Those who have been a part of the crew here know I like to slip in teasers from time to time and one is coming soon. Yes, everyone’s favorite smartass ladies man, Toad, will be making an appearance in here as well. He’s behaving at the moment, but we all know that’s subject to change at any time.
What does murder and a mysterious, antique music box have in common?
Last month I finished a new novella titled Harmony in the Key of Murder. It’s something completely different and new from me. There are no Navy SEALs anywhere to be found, but there is a protective, hot alpha male detective involved. When we get closer to publication date, I’ll give you more particulars including a sneak preview!  I loved writing this one – Harmony and Hunter’s story was awesome and I think it’s going to be one of my favorites of all time. According to my ARC readers, they agree. I can’t wait for you to devour this one!
The last book in my Luna’s Children series, Lorestone: The Strength Within, is almost though the re-editing process. The extremely talented, Rebekkah Smith, will be furnishing the new cove for this one as well. It has been a long, drawn out process to get these books updated, but the result has been a much smoother offering.I hope you like them.
I will be opening up my Brigade group soon for new members. The Beta Brigade is a group of people who are part of my think tank. I ask questions, run scenarios and get my ARC readers from it. I’m always looking for sharp minds who enjoy discussing stories and giving honest feedback on topic and issues. If you are interested in the Beta Brigade, shoot me a message in Facebook.
Once I finish with Cowboy and Miley’s story, (which is still untitled) I’ll be taking a tiny break from the Cerberus series to work on an idea that has been beating at my mind for a few months now. Don’t worry, there will be hot guys, sassy girls and a lot of suspense and action. I’ll post more on this endeavor when I get closer to it.
I’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to all of my readers out there. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the support you’ve given me. I couldn’t possibly be where I am now without your help. You give me the drive to keep going. I’m grateful and honored that you spend your valuable time with me in my world.
Time to get back to work. Miley is about to get into deep hot water and I need to see how Cowboy is going to get her out.
Until next time, be safe and be strong!