Reclamation – Formally Blades of Scarlet

Reclamation (formally titled Blades of Scarlet) is the fourth book authored by Melissa.  It is an urban fantasy about a woman named Scarlet who inherits a job that she knows very little about.  This will be the first book in the new series, The Legacy Reborn.

Coming November 28, 2016.


At 25 years old, Scarlet is already weary of her job – not as a bike courier but the other one, the dangerous one.

For seven years she has lurked in the shadows, protecting very special people. Bound by duty, wrapped in a Legacy that she never wanted, she leads a lonely existence doing a thankless job, saving people who will never know the sacrifices she has made for them. Being a protector of those destined to do great things for mankind sounds like an amazing job, except nobody ever asked her what she desired and she can’t turn her back on her duty. She has no one in her life and no hope for a normal future.

Madison Falls Senior Detective Gage Williams is quite passionate about his career and his life – everything is exactly how he wants. Why did a chance meeting with a mysterious woman one afternoon feel like everything he has ever known is suddenly thrown to the wind? She’s a beautiful enigma that tantalizes his senses.  Can he convince her she should be his?

Can she resist him – for the sake of all mankind?


Published November 17,2014


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