The Strength Within

Book 3 of Luna’s Children will be tentatively called “The Strength Within”.  It will center mostly on Rachel and her Mate (not wanting to give away any spoilers from the first two books) and finding the strength to not only survive but to thrive amidst overwhelming adversity.  This book will be so much darker than the previous two and will see some extremely hard decisions made by our beloved Sapphire Lake Wolves.   When the world turns against you and you have to decide how to carry on when your life is in shambles, where do you find the strength?   It’s always there, within.


Excerpt from The Strength Within


“Oh Luna,” Carson whispered, her bottom lip quivering.  Cayson pushed more strength into her until she yanked her hand back.  “Stop it, Cay!”  Standing up she screamed at them.  “Stop it!  Stop humoring me.   My family has been torn apart.  She growled at them, her eyes flashing gold for a moment.  “We are pack leaders.  We have to do what is best for the pack.  My wallowing in self pity is not it.  People are hurt, homeless and scared.  Those are the people you should be working with Cay.  Not me.”  She dropped back to the sofa as her eyes melted from gold to deep emerald again.  “Not me,” she whispered again.  “Go help our people,” she mumbled dully then reached for Chase, clinging to him tightly.

Cayson stood.  “You sound just like Father,” he mumbled then motioned for Zandria.  “Chase, you are alpha here now.  Zan and I are extending our visit a few more days but I have to get back to my pack soon.  What do you want me to do?”

“Me?  Alpha?”  He laughed bitterly.  “I couldn’t keep my own family safe, how can I possibly keep a whole pack together?’

Cay stopped at the door and looked back at them.  “Find the strength within, Chase.  Then take it one day at a time.”

Lets Celebrate!


Well the day has come!   After all that blood, sweat and tears, I have finally sent my newborn baby out into the big world.

I had a long hard think on how I was going to publish.  Do I go with traditional methods or go for it myself?  After reading a lot of information, I took the self publish route.  Traditional publishing takes a lot of time, is not guaranteed and even if its purchased, it may never see print.  Self publishing means it will be published in ebook form, is up and available in little time and is in a format that most of the world prefers now.  Of course with self publishing I also have to take care of my own publicity.  That is a really big deal.

It takes a lot of work to get a book ready for publishing.  Every website requires its own format and while they are similar, they are not the same.  Because of this, it has taken me a full day to get Dreams up on 3 websites, Nook, Amazon and Smashbooks.  I checked on iTunes but that is a whole different experience.  Since Smashbooks has the correct format for it, I’ll just see how that goes first.

It has been quite a ride, getting to this point, but I’m happy to be here.  I had set up certain goals for myself and I’m rather proud that I have made it through a few of them.  Write a full manuscript – check.  Get it published – check.  Sell it to someone who I don’t know – check.

My wonderful friend, Elienne, who lives in the UK, was the first one to purchase my book.  She literally sat there refreshing the screen until it showed up then purchased it.  How amazing is that?  I have, however, sold 2 copies in the UK so that means someone I don’t know got the second.   Since then, another 7 have been sold in the US so I have a grand total of 9 sales as of now.  Considering its been out just about 24 hours, I’m really excited!

Next on my list is to get Broken Melody ready for editing.  It’s through the first rundown (rough draft) and now working on the second.  Once it gets through first rough edit by me, it’ll be sent out to my beta readers, then back to my editor.  I’m targeting the end of December or first of January for publication date.

Shattered Dreams at

Shattered Dreams at

Here it is!  After months and months, Shattered Dreams is finally available for purchase at  I’m in the process of getting it up on that will allow it to be purchased on several other ebook sites including itunes.  Thank you all for your support – I truly could not have done this without your help.

Now, time to get in gear and finish Broken Melody!

Another Hurdle!

I’m so very pleased to say that Shattered Dreams is now edited!   Thank you Jerry S!

This marks a milestone for me in that I finally have a manuscript ready to submit.  Now the question is, do I self publish or try for traditional publishing.  I’ve read a lovely article written by one of my favorite writers about the pros and cons of each direction.  With more than 20 books under her belt, published each way, she definitely knows what she’s talking about.  I thought I would rather go the traditional route, but after reading this I am leaning more towards self publishing.   Time to do some thinking.. and of course, I’m consulting the husband who always steers me right.

Stay tuned!

Melody News

After six long weeks and a lot of rewriting, I’m pleased to finally announce that Broken Melody first draft is completed!   Now comes the  fun part (for me).. rewrites.

That means with a little luck and a little bit of making myself buckle down, it should be ready for beta reading in about two weeks.

Names and Children

When I first started writing Shattered Dreams, I simply sat down at my computer and started putting words down on the page.  After getting several chapters into it, I realized that this was not going to be like my previous attempts in that I wasn’t going to just quit after a few days.  So, I needed a name for my new endeavor.  After talking to my husband about it, he came up with the name “Gemini Moon” which seemed fitting at the time since it was about twin shapeshifters.

However, as is often the case, once the words kept going, the name didn’t quite fit the story any longer.  By the end of the first book, it was obvious that there were going to be some unresolved issues that would demand a second book.  So now my work was going to evolve from a single manuscript to a second.   Since the second one was going to pick up with the life of the other twin, the name Gemini Moon still kind of fit so I decided to go with that for the name of the series.  It wasn’t long after beginning number two that it was obvious that a third and even a fourth was going to be needed as well that wouldn’t focus solely on the twins and that meant the name, Gemini Moon, no longer relevant.  The tentative name of the series is now Luna’s Children because one common theme that will run through the series is the gifts and abilities that specific characters have as endowed to them by their protector.  Perhaps this one will stick?

So far everything seems to be going well with the series and I’m sticking to Luna’s Children” as the series name with book one being called Shattered Dreams and book two is being called Broken Melody.

Luna’s Children has another significance to me as well.  This endeavor has become much like a child for me as well.  I spend time daily fussing over and nurturing my creations.  I know the characters as well as I know my own family – their tempers, attitudes and nuances have become a second nature for me.  Since my husband has been with me every step of the way, they are also his children as well.  He has been right beside me and helped me in more ways than I can ever imagine.  I may have “given birth” to them, but he has definitely been a major influence in shaping them.  Whereas I am Mother, he is Father and I know that I couldn’t do this without him.

As is normal for any child, there are temper tantrums and moments of pure pig-pigheadedness when nothing seems to go right.  Sometimes I feel that my “children” sulk and hide from me and it becomes so frustrating.  I can, on occasion, coax them back out but many times I have to leave them alone until they come out on their own.  During those times I often read a book or watch a television show.  That has become more and more difficult as time goes on because I’m so impatient to get finished and get onto the next one.  By my reckoning, there’s going to be four or five books in the Luna’s Children series.

Saturday morning, I woke up early with an idea for a completely new book that has nothing to do with Luna’s Children.  As I lay in the bed at seven a.m. and thought about this new idea, the urge to put it down on paper before I lost it consumed me and so I did it.

This brings me to the problem I’m currently experiencing.  I’m still trucking along on Melody, but this new ‘child’ is being very demanding that I spend some time developing it.  Being a mother to a single child, I’ve never had to deal with sibling rivalry other than with my own brothers and sister, so what do I do now?  Do I stop work on Melody or wait till the end before picking up the new one (tentatively named Fosterling)?  Do I finish Melody completely?  Do I finish the series?  I don’t want my new child to be ignored but as most parents of multiples discover, you just don’t have the time to devote to just at a time.  Management is key.

Fosterling was on my mind all night last night and has become a demanding little bugger, clamoring for my attention.  I think I’m going to have to take it on next, right after I finish Melody or I’ll never get any peace.

That’s the plan for now.  We’ll see how it pans out.

Editing Dreams

Today I received chapter 11 from Jerry, my editor.   That is officially the half way point now.  I haven’t told him how much I appreciate his help for being my grammar police, so THANK YOU JERRY!

As for Melody, its trucking along as well.  I’m working on chapter 10 and about half way there.  With a little luck, by the time Jerry is done with Dreams, Melody will be ready for him and then I can start the submission circus.