Luna’s Children

Luna’s Children is a five book series revolving around wolf shifters who live in Sapphire Lake in Virginia.  Each book can be read as a stand alone, but the entire series melds together for a cohesive story.

Shattered Dreams, Luna’s Children book 1

Carson Hennison is a dreamer, a very special individual with the gift of being able to “dream” or see into a person’s life both past and, to an extent, future. Her one hope is to find her perfect mate – the one werewolf that was created for her and she for him. However, sometimes things don’t go as well as you would wish. Instead of being allowed to find her own mate, she’s forced into a mate run where she’ll be chased, caught and captured by the strongest male and forced into submission. Will she find a way out or will she be lost forever in a loveless mating?

Chase Blackston, new healer/doctor for the Sapphire Lake Pack, is a confirmed bachelor with a firm grasp on how his life is going to be – ordered, neat and unencumbered. Sent to Sapphire Lake as a replacement for their aging healer, he had no intention of letting anything change his mind or his life. Attending the mate run for his new alpha’s daughter, Chase realizes the prey is more than she seems – she’s his true life mate. Can things get any more complicated?

And who is that stranger watching her from the shadows?

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Barnes and Nobel

Published September 21, 2013


Broken Melody, Luna’s Children book 2

Carson’s twin brother, Cayson Hennison, has struck out in the love department.  First, his childhood sweetheart is scared of him (it wasn’t his fault!) and now the one that is his true life mate keeps pushing him away.  It’s obvious she has secrets of her own and a past that may be worse than anything he’s ever seen before, but love conquers all; or so they say.  He is, after all, an Empath so emotions are his specialty.

Alexandria Rogers has been running from her past and it’s about to catch up with her.  Even drawn as she is to Cayson, she is afraid of letting him in and tainting him with her curse.  Just when she thinks she can finally let down her defenses, Simon Winstead shows up at Sapphire Lake looking for her with a story that is nearly impossible to believe.

Now she has to decide – run again or stay with the man she loves?

Published  December 27, 2013


Lorestone:  The Strength Within, Luna’s Children book 3

Rachel and Gabe have found each other and bonded as life mates. Now they are settling down into a nice normal, quiet life together in Sapphire Lake where the biggest decision is what flavor of ice cream to serve for Carson’s baby’s birthday.

In the middle of all this normalcy, their lives are suddenly ripped apart when a brutal betrayal strikes leaving behind destruction, death and shattered lives.

For those that survive, how do they continue on?

Release June10,2014


The Binds that Heal, Luna’s Children book 4

Emma’s Story and the conclusion of the series

Release date Coming 2015

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